Natural Maths

At Elizabeth Park, we meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum through the implementation of the Natural Maths Teaching Pedagogy.

Our aim is to provide our students with opportunities to think mathematically and to develop their computational skills.

Through mental routines, problematised situations and strategy lessons students are given opportunities to develop their confidence in mathematical thinking, apply their mathematical thinking to new situations and reflect on their learning with their peers.

The school has many Numeracy focus areas including:
• Natural Maths Teaching Pedagogy to support proficiency strands as well as the content descriptors in the Australian Curriculum
• Prevention and Intervention Support Groups
• PAT Maths data collection to assess students’ current Numeracy abilities
• StartSmart Commonwealth Bank Financial Literacy workshops
• World of Maths incursion
• Regular professional development for teachers in Natural Math teaching pedagogy
• Sharing of ideas, resources and good practice amongst staff to ensure consistency throughout the years across the school.