A Word

From Our Principal

”I have worked at Elizabeth Park for 10 years in the roles of Assistant Principal and in the last few years, Principal, sharing with Patrick Moran.  I feel honoured to work at Elizabeth Park Schools with families and students who are connected, positive and resilient. 

The community is warm and friendly and I look forward to coming to school to be greeted by students and families who are happy to be here. 

Elizabeth Park is a place where I come to learn with kids and families..”

– Kath Best

A Word

From Assistant Principal

My name is Jan Ritzau and I am the Assistant Principal overseeing intervention and support. 

I love coming to a place where I know everyone has the same goal: to help every child to be ready to learn and to achieve success.  Seeing the joy on a child’s face when they learn something new or overcome a challenge is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 

I feel very lucky to be a part of such an inclusive and supportive community.”

– Jan Ritzau

A Word

From Assistant Principal Curriculum

”My name is Jamey Godrik and I am the Assistant Principal for Curriculum. I have taught at Elizabeth Park for the past 10 years and thoroughly love coming to work each day.

The thing I love most about Elizabeth Park is the relationships that I have developed with the staff, families and students. Nothing beats walking around the yard before or after school and being approached by so many people who want to say hello and find out how your day has been.

We have a lovely culture at our school that is kind, caring and inclusive of everyone. It makes coming to work each day a pleasure. I am passionate about curriculum and learning for all and I work hard to ensure that students and teachers are up to date with the latest curriculum and pedagogical improvements.”

– Jamey Godrik

A Word

From Assistant Principal Wellbeing

”My name is Corey Fawkes and I have been teaching at Elizabeth Park for 10 years. This year I’m two-day Physical Education Teacher and three days Assistant Principal. At Elizabeth Park it is not only the students that have the opportunity to learn but all staff are encouraged to continuously grow and learn both their teaching and leadership skills. 

Elizabeth Park is continually developing and implementing new programs for students, that have the students’ learning and wellbeing at the forefront. 

We at Elizabeth Park understand that it is not just academic learning that is important, but students wellbeing is vital to them becoming successful members of society. Due to this we are consistently looking for new and improved ways to help students wellbeing.”

– Corey Fawkes

A Word

From Assistant Principal Preschool

”My name is Rebecca Duerden but in the preschool I am known as Miss Bec. I’m fortunate to work with the most wonderful teaching team that devote so much enthusiasm and passion in supporting children and families to have a sense of belonging.

I started working in the school 13 years ago in 2006 and have never left because I still wake up each day excited to go to work. I feel privileged and proud to work within the Elizabeth Park community and believe our children, families and community have so much to offer. 

Children are such wonderful little human beings and it is so rewarding to watch them grow, learn and form new trusted relationships.”

– Rebecca Duerden


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