Intervention Support

Elizabeth Park Schools has a strong focus on providing intervention and support for our students with special learning needs.

Our processes and strategies for providing support to students with learning difficulties are as follows:

  • Students of Concern Team – (consisting of Senior Leader Intervention & Support, Special Education Teacher and Special Education Administrator), work together with classroom teachers to identify students who may need support and prioritising these needs from a whole school perspective.
  • Student Review Team meeting – Meeting held 2 times per term with representatives from DECD Integrated Support Services (Special Educator, Behaviour Coach, Speech Pathologist & Educational Psychologist) to discuss intervention for students with complex learning needs.
  • NEP Support – Teacher &/or School Services Officer (SSO) support students identified by DECD as having a disability.
  • Family Involvement – Liaising with families/caregivers to negotiate NEP goals & set up review meetings to discuss possible interventions to meet individual student needs.
  • Speech Support – Individual & small group support for targeted students from our resident Speech Pathologist and the four Speech Pathology students.
  • Phonological Intervention Program (PIP) for targeted students in years 3 – 7 identified by Students of Concern group as requiring specific intervention for spelling and reading.
  • Reading Doctor computer program for identified students to develop their fluency in phonological awareness.
  • Phonological Awareness Skills Mapping (PASM) for targeted students in Rec – 2 requiring specific intervention to develop their phonological awareness skills.
  • Reading Support Teacher (RST) providing support to students R – 2 identified as requiring additional support to develop their reading skills.
  • Quicksmart maths computer program for targeted students requiring additional support to develop fluency in the four mathematical operations.
  • Swimming Program – available to selected students who are identified with a disability. This program allows students to access weekly swimming lessons at the Elizabeth Aqua Dome from qualified DECD instructors.
  • Family Learning Network (FLN) social worker on site 2 days per week and student social workers providing support to targeted families and students for social and emotional needs.


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