Aboriginal Education Strategy

Elizabeth Park Schools has a strong commitment to Aboriginal Education. Our practices are based on the objectives of the current DECD Aboriginal Strategy guidelines. We employ an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET) and Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) to work collaboratively with the school community and oversee the site programs and initiatives in Aboriginal Education.
Our focus is based on the following objectives:
• Increasing the literacy and numeracy outcomes for Aboriginal students through targeted learning programs and support
• Building community engagement within the school by collaborating with members of the local Aboriginal community
• Facilitating and implementing whole school initiatives linking to Aboriginal Perspectives across the curriculum
• Raising cultural awareness across the school and community by acknowledging significant cultural events such as Reconciliation Week, National Sorry Day and NAIDOC
English as an Additional Language or Dialect

English as an Additional Language

At Elizabeth Park Schools we have a wonderful multicultural community. We have many different ways of supporting children and families who have an EALD background. Our EALD teacher supports children with their skills in Literacy, and helps to promote and run EALD programs across the school. We also use the services of BSSOs (Bilingual School Support Officers) and CLOs (Community Liaison Officers) to provide culturally inclusive support to our students and families.
Our EALD objectives include:
• Providing ongoing support for student outcomes in Literacy
• Assessing student writing using the Language and Literacy Levels
• Building relationships with EALD students, parents and caregivers and the community through targeted programs, school assemblies, meetings and special events such as Refugee Week
• Acting as a liaison between agencies to help students and families access the support they need (eg CAMHS, Refugee Association)
• Supporting children and families to honour their cultural beliefs in a school context
• Organising interpreters and translators to help communication between school and families

Intervention and support

Elizabeth Park Schools has a strong focus on providing all students with the support that they need to belong to the school community, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic success.
Our Students of Concern Team – (consisting of Senior Leader Intervention & Support, Special Education Teacher and Special Education Administrator), work together with classroom teachers and support services to identify students who may need support and prioritise these needs from a whole school perspective.
Our intervention programs support students across a range of areas focusing on:
• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Social Engagement
• Emotional Wellbeing



Students in Years 3 – 7 participate in The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and access kitchen and garden lessons throughout the year. In these lessons students learn life skills enabling them to grow, prepare, cook and eat various healthy meals. The program includes:
• specialists providing our students with lessons that are extremely engaging
• Various projects that require students to plan and build various pieces of equipment.
• specialists explicitly teaching fundamental life skills in a fun and educational way
• practical and hands on learning experiences ranging from caring for chickens in the garden to preparing salads in the kitchen