At Elizabeth Park Preschool we offer a high quality learning program. Using the Early Years Learning Framework, Being, Belonging and Becoming as a guide, we program using the framework’s stated principles and practices. Educators reflect and discuss every child every day and program weekly, ensuring that all activities are child centred, focused on individual children’s needs and provide challenges and stimulation for children of all skill levels. We strongly value the voice of our children within our program and therefore run an emergent curriculum which follows children’s ideas and interests. This ensures that children have a strong voice in the running of our learning program.

Session Times

At Elizabeth Park Preschool children access a total of 15 hours of preschool and we offer two different session times:
AM GROUP: 8:30am – 11:30am, Monday to Friday.
PM GROUP: 12:15pm – 3:15pm, Monday to Friday.
Aboriginal and Guardianship of the Minister children are eligible to start preschool when they turn 3 years of age. They are entitled to 12 hours of preschool and attend either the AM or PM session Tuesday to Friday.
The Department for Education and Child Development Preschool Enrolment Policy states that children turning 4 before May 1st of each year are entitled to sessional preschool of up to15 hours per week. These children start preschool at the beginning of the year.
Children who turn 4 on or after May 1st will start preschool the following year. Families are required to provide a proof of age document. A current passport or birth certificate are examples. Proof of immunisation status will also need to be sighted as per the DfE policy.

Preschool Fees

AM Group – $50 per term
PM Group – $50 per term
3 year old Aboriginal /Guardianship of the Minister children- $40 per term.

*Discounts apply for early yearly payment of preschool fees.*
Preschool fees that are PAID IN FULL by Week 5 of Term 1 will receive a discount of $40 off their total fees for the year.

Elizabeth Park Preschool

At Elizabeth Park Preschool, we offer a high quality learning environment that is built on the strong foundations of nurturing relationships between children, educators, families and the community. Our preschool is a place of learning which is child focused, emergent and based around the thoughts and ideas of the children who attend. We run a play based curriculum which is nature inspired and which enables children to learn, explore, socialise and risk take in a safe and loving environment.
We acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people and we recognise their connection with the land. We will help care for and respect this land together.


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